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MERHROM press release, 27 JUNE 2012

Myanmar Ethnic Rohingya Human Rights Organization Malaysia (MERHROM) is deeply concerns over the Meeting between General Thein Sein and Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

We fear the meeting will cause more harm to Rohingyas as the Bangladesh government never be in favour towards Rohingya. We do not know what will happen to us after their meeting. During the Nagamin Checking in 1978, more than 300 000 ethnic Rohingya fled to Bangladesh however thousands of them deported back to Burma by the Bangladesh government. Thousands of them faced prosecution by the military junta. Though Bangladesh is a Muslim country but they never treat us as Muslim brother and sisters. Thousands of Rohingyas fled to Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and India.

Thousands of Rohingyas currently were arrested in the Bangladesh Prisons for many decades until they died. The condition in the prison is very bad. Thousands of Rohingyas currently staying in the UNHCR Refugee camp in Bangladesh in a very very bad conditions for many decades. There is lack of food, water, medicine and hygiene in the camps. Many people fall sick and died.

We the Rohingyas are not looking for the temporary solution. We look for the permanent solution which is recognition as the citizen of Myanmar. We are the origin people of the Arakan State @ Rakhine State. We are not belong to Bangladesh. We did not speak Bangladesh language and our culture is different. How come the junta claims that we belongs to Bangladesh. On top of this the Bangladesh government itself denied that we belongs to them. We are the origin people of the Arakan State @ Rakhine State of Burma.

The military junta, police and the security force are mainly Buddhist. They continue their plan for ethnic cleansing towards Rohingyas. Until now they continue killing Rohingya, arresting and demanding money, raping of women, burning our houses and Mosque. Recently the military, police and security force go to Rohingya's houses and confiscated our document (family book). This is very serious as thousands of us left without document. We fear what will happen to us and our generations.

The military claims the situation in ARakan State @ RaKhine State are back to normal but the information we received from back home is still the same. Currently the military, police and security force killing Rohingya underground.

We cannot hope Aung San Suu Kyi to change our future as she cannot make her own decision as far as Rohingyas are concerns.

Who else we can hope for? The United Nations and the world leaders seems not to have power to stop it.

We hope Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to strongly condemn the brutal act of military junta towards Rohingyas. She must urge the military junta to stop persecution and prosecution towards Rohingyas and Recognize Rohingya as a citizen of Myanmar. If the problem is not resolve, Bangladesh will continue to be affected by our problem.

Junta has committed an international crimes towards its own people. The gross human rights violations such as arbitrary arrest and detention, torture, forced labour, killing of ordinary people, discrimination of ethnics, denial of freedom of movement, etc continues.

Below are some Updates from our Arakan State:
There are five Rohingya villages that were not burned down yet. Rohingya people from other villages those homes were burned down into ashes or destroyed have been taking shelter in the said villages. So far, a group of Rakhine racist mobs have been surrounding the villages with lethal weapons such as— knives, sticks, swords— though the armies were deployed in Akyab. Few Rohingyas were sneaking out in fear of death and the rest are staying to face whatever happens to them at night, according to an elder from Akyab.
So far, there is no international representative to monitor the situation. The UN representative sent to Burma last week was taken to the military’s selected places, not to original places of Rohingya villages where people have been locked in the homes, where food is quickly running out in that areas and no international journalists are able to cover the situation, he more add.

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