Wednesday, February 18, 2015

High Level Diplomats Visit Burmese Refugee Camps in Bangladesh

Cox's Bazar: A 19-member delegation comprised of diplomats from western countries has recently visited the Burmese Muslim refugee camps in southeastern Cox's Bazar District in Bangladesh. 

The team visited the Kutupalong and Nayapara official refugee camps in Cox's Bazar on 6 April, 2011, and assessed the living conditions, health, and education of the refugees, said a refugee from Kutupalong Camp.
"The delegates inspected the sheds and had some interviews with the refugees about our living condition, health, and education, and also asked us if we are willing to go back to Burma," said the refugee. 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

In Jammu Winter, Rohingya Refugees Left Out In The Cold

By Aarabu Ahmad Sultan
February 7, 2015 

This winter, as a bitter cold wave swept across north India, the daily life of Rohingya refugees housed in different slums across Jammu was rough.

Myanmar nationalists threaten protests over Rohingya vote change

A Rohingya Muslim family poses in a village at Maungdaw June 6, 2014. 
Photo: REUTERS/Soe Zeya Tun
By Jared Ferrie
February 7, 2015

YANGON - Nationalist monks and some political leaders in Myanmar have threatened to hold mass rallies to protest a parliamentary decision giving the Rohingya ethnic minority voting rights in a referendum to amend the constitution.

The Rohingya crisis in Burma has become “a protracted, squalid, stateless status-quo”

Rohingya children play by a relief tent at Bawdupah's Internally Displaced People camp on the outskirts of Sittwe. Photo: Soe Than Win/AFP/Getty Images 

By Oliver Griffin 
February 7, 2015

The status of Burma’s Rohingya people has devolved to the point where even naming them has become controversial. We need to do more.

Last month Yanghee Lee, the United Nations special rapporteur on human rights in Burma (also known as Myanmar), criticised the Burmese government’s attitude towards its own Rohingya people. In Burma’s Rakhine province, there are currently more than one million Rohingya – an Islamic ethnic group – living in apartheid-like conditions.

Extremist Buddhists spearhead anti-Muslim sentiment in Burma

A Buddhist monk prays at the Sule Pagoda in Yangon. The pagoda was the gathering point for protesters during the 2007 monk-led saffron revolution against the former military dictatorship. Photograph: Jennifer Duggan 

By Jennifer Duggan
February 7, 2015

Social media and free expression may be working against Muslim 4% of population

Burmese political blogger Nay Phone Latt was jailed for sharing news online about the monk-led saffron revolution in 2007 against the country’s brutal military dictatorship. Released under an amnesty for political prisoners three years ago, he is involved in another kind of revolution, one against hate speech targeting Muslims that is becoming more and more prevalent in Burmese society.

Myanmar Slams UN Officials For Using Term 'Rohingya'

Rohingya Muslims pass time near their shelter at a refugee camp outside Sittwe, Myanmar.

February 7, 2015

Myanmar, also known as Burma, has slammed a visiting U.N. official for using the term "Rohingya" to refer to a beleaguered ethnic minority group the government does not officially recognize.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Border Guard Police Beat Up and Rob Rohingya Firewood Gatherers

Border Guard Police Beat Up and Rob Rohingya Firewood Gatherers
 Headquarter of Border Guard Police (BGP) in Kyi Kan Pyin, Maungdaw Township [Photo: Irrawaddy]
February 05
By Rohingya Eye
Maungdaw, Arakan (Rohingya Vision) — Myanmar’s Border Guard Police (BGP) severely beat up three Rohingya firewood gathering teenagers and robbed their belongings in Maungdaw Township on January 31, according to the local sources.
The incident took place when the teenagers, on their way back home in the evening, encountered a gang of BGP from the head-quarter based in Kyi Kan Pyin village also known as Khawar Bil. Upon that, the BGP held them for no reason, arbitrarily beating them up and robbed their firewood and wood-cutter knives.

Humanitarian Works Halted, Rohingya Refugees Face Miseries in Bangladesh

Humanitarian Works Halted, Rohingya Refugees Face Miseries in Bangladesh
February 05
By Md Elias
Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh (Rohingya Vision) — The Rohingya Refugees in a refugee camp of Cox’s Bazaar District, Bangladesh, are facing severe crises resulting from the shortage of drinking water, sanitation and other health related issues, the refugees in the camps said.
The crises have prevailed as the Bangladesh Government has halted the humanitarian works and assistances by a few INGOS known as ‘Muslim Aid’ and ‘NGOForum’ to the refugee camps in ‘Ledaa’ area of the district.

Why protests against Rohingya white card holders being allowed the right to vote is misguided, ignorance-anchored and racist

By Dr Maung Zarni
February 5, 2015
The news of Myanmar regime allowing the Rohingya white card holders - temporary resident permits - to vote in the 2015 has triggered loud protests from political groups and parties in Myanmar.

‘White Card’ Holders Eligible to Vote on Constitutional Reform

A woman in a displacement camp in Arakan State’s Myebon Township holds up her white card, October 2014. (Photo: JPaing / The Irrawaddy) -

By Lawi Weng
February 3, 2015

RANGOON — Burma’s Union Parliament on Monday passed a law granting temporary citizens the right to vote in a constitutional referendum slated for later this year.

The 2015 referendum law automatically enfranchises about 1.5 million “white card” holders, who live in Burma but do not enjoy full citizenship rights.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Myanmar’s Military Attempt to Rape Rohingya Minor Girl in Buthidaung

Myanmar’s Military Attempt to Rape Rohingya Minor Girl in Buthidaung
February 03

Buthidaung, Arakan (Rohingya Vision) — An attempt to gang-rape a Rohingya minor girl by Myanmar’s Military took place in Buthidaung Township on January 21, according to the local sources.
The incident happened as the 14-year-old girl identified to be ‘S’ (daughter of) ‘Mr. H’ hailed from Du-Oo-Thay-Ma village was on her way to receive her parents after the work in their farm in the evening of the day.

Three Rohingyas Arbitrarily Arrested, One Suspected to be Killed

Three Rohingyas Arbitrarily Arrested, One Suspected to be Killed
February 03

Report by MYRAF
Maungdaw, Arakan (Rohingya Vision) — Myanmar’s Border Guard Police (BGP) arbitrarily arrested three Rohingyas in southern Maungdaw last Thursday, whereas one of whom is believed to be dead due to the tortures in detention, a local said. 
The three innocent people hail from Thinbaw Kway village also known as Kullon were arrested by the Border Guard Police from the camp base at the village in southern Maungdaw.