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Violence continues in Arakan state: "UN's interventi​on is seemingly not effective"


"UN's intervention is seemingly not effective"

The government authorities do not installed Law and Order for Rakhine people who are continuously doing crimes. A few Rakhines those arrested from Sittwe, Kyauktaw and Maungdaw were also released after days. Beside, police authority are arresting Rohingya elders and youths from every village of Sittwe, Maungdaw, Rathedaung and Kyauktaw townships and framing them with false charges.

UN's intervention is seemingly not effective therefore Rohingya people are continued to face tyrant attacks of Rakhines and arbitrary abuses of local authorities. While there is ongoing heavy raining and flooding, it is more than two weeks now they are confined by military guards without supply of food and medicine.
A relief blog- OCHA's report states that the WFP has provided 725 metric tons of food commodities (rice, pulses, oil and salt) to over 92,000 affected people in five townships, Sittwe, Pauktaw, Maungdaw, Rahtedaung and Buthidaung. The government report also shows that it has received donation nearly 200 millions Kyat for Arakan crisis.

However, all aid supplies are reached to government designated relief centres where authority places perpetrator Rakhine family members only. Despite the INGOs have well experiences about the nature of government authorities, they have not yet ensured aid delivery for homeless victims of Rohinngya.
Similar complaints received for the past Cyclone Giri in Oct 2010 that hit along the coastal areas of Kyaukfru, Myebon, Myinbya, Pauktaw townships where fishing villages were mostly affected. Muslim victims from fishing villages were barred from receiving aid and assistance by local in-charge staffs who monitored distribution aid.

Rakhine people who involved directly in recent riot of SittweWe had escalated a number Rakhine people who involved directly in recent riot of Sittwe. Again these people are warmly received gratitude in a Face Book page of a Rakhine.
They are; RNDP psd Dr Aye Maung, Tat Thu Aung- Kuan Yat Society, chairman U Shwe Tun Aung- the Merchant Association of Arakan, Rakhine Rakhita Association, Sayadaw U Pinya Zya Ra.
And the rest who visibly involved are; 1)Shwe Tha Zin Hotel owner Tan Shwe, 2)Kiss Hotel owner Kyaw Thein (led in Nazi and Santoli), 3)Win Maunk umbrella shop owner, 4)Aung Thu Kha photo shop owner, 5)Shwe Nyo Nyo loterry and medicine shop owner, 6)Workers of Sein Video Hall, 7)U Maung Tan Hlaing from ward(2/Kha) of Min-Gan village, 8)Chairman U Tan Win of Aungmingala quarter, 9)RNDP member Balagyi, and 10)Ko Thein Shwe (weight player).
The source confirms that U Maung Tan Hlaing is who began the riot in Sittwe and now taking refuge in Rwa U monastry of Min Gan village.

Update: Violence continues in Arakan stateAkyab/Sittwe city, 29 June, FridayThere are total 172 Rohingyans involving under age detained in military camp. The source confirmed all of them were brought from Rathedaung township after tortured in the hands of Rakhines from Ku Taung.
30 of them were reportedly taken to unknown. They were neither sent back to Rathedaung nor transferred to custody. One of them was died yesterday and burried at Thakkay Byin village (Sakki Fara).

Afternoon: Bsc Hla Maung's house in the Ambala area (down town) was attacked by a group of Rakhines and looted all goods and cash when Police and Paramilitary forces are surrounding from out side.

Six international and local staffs of INGOs, were arrested. The source said they are aid workers from UN organization, AZG and WHO. Thier arrest could be suspect of whether they have any recording devices.

Morning: A Hindu woman came out from Aungmingala area, was beaten by four Rakhines in the present of police. Her live was spared after they knew she is not really a muslim.

Kyauktaw Township, 29 June, Friday
 The  700 years old ancient mosque (Myoatma Jarmae Mosque) situated between the market and Manaegya Fara, was destructed by a group of Rakhines. At the time of military forces arrived there after informed by a Khami (tribe people), its walls and veranda have been destroyed.

28 June, Thursday4 homeless Rohingyans of Sangadaung village (near Sugar Mill) were died from starvation and lack of shelter. The Rohingya own lands in this village were also replaced by Rakhine people themselves.

Rohingya people own shops in the market of Kyauktaw were seized by municipal authority. The valuable things were taken away by Rakhines and proudly saying that all resources and belongings in the territory of Rakhine state are their own.

Two homeless villagers from Khaungdok Alay Kyuan (Barua Fara) were died in the flood of Kaladan River. One of them is identified as a brother of Mv.Habi who live in Denmark.

The first chart is re-prepared list of causalities in Sittwe. As, latest escalation from Sentoli village says number of houses burnt in second attack was added to total about 180 and death tools added to 50 total. The remaining half-destroyed mosque was also demolished by authority in the past four days.

NDPHR(exile) report date 30 June 2012:-- Causalities in Sittwe/Akyab city (8-22 June) / (Rohingya population about 150,000, Rakhine population- 200,000)
Name of VillageNativeDestructionsDeath toolAttack day
Zay Haung Maw Leik (Rohingya Fara)Rohingya&Kamanburn &destroyed all 50 houses1 Mosqueat least 79,10

Shwe Bya village, Myoathugyi quarterRohingya&Kamanburn &destroyed all 33 houses1 MosqueAbout 3510, 15
Paik Tay village, Myoathugyi quarterRohingya&Kamanburn &destroyed all 100 houses3 MosqueAbout 15010, 15
Mi Zan quarter, near Baluma BridgeRohingya&Kamanburn &destroyed all 38 houses1 MosqueAbout 3010

Aungmingla/ Ambarlar Area:

the edge of Thaban Street and street-sideRohingyaBurn 20 houses
Chin Byan street (Hundhikhawla),RohingyaBurn 50 houses1 Mosqueunknown12
Minbargyi Road and street beside CollegeRohingya & Kamandestroyed and burn 2+3 houses
Kyaung Tat Lan (behind BEHS-1)Hindhu (a few)authority destruct to prevent fire-transmitting
Kyaung Gyi Lan (behinf BEHS-1)Rakhine (a few)fire transmitted 3 houses and a brewery store
Kartih villageRohingya & Kamanburn all about 100 houses1 Mmosqueunknown12
Ye New Su quarter (Derum Fara)
burn all around 1002 Mosques fromunknown10,16
Ma Kyi Myine ( Buhar Fara)Rohingyahouses from thesethese areas includingAbout 1510,16
Palot Taung (Holton)
3 areas1 ancient mosqueAbout 2210,16

Bu May group: (Furun Fara)
burn all around
more than
Wayalis (Walsih Fara), Latama (Misiri-dil)
400 houses from7 mosques from1009,10
Nadikya Fara, Arzimya FaraRohingyaThese 6 areasthese 7 areasfrom these
Don Byan (Dua Mraung), U Yin Tha area

6 areas

Min Gan (Model village of 1978 and 1991Rakhineburn about 50 houses1 Monastry (tempo)none10
Takkay Byin (Sakki Fara)Rohingyanone (resisted)
at least 69,10

West Sanpya (Barsara) near Sittwe PointRohingyaburn all 18 houses3 Mosque in8510, 11
East Sanpya (Barsara) near Golf martRohingyaburn all about 200 housesthese two areas15010,11

Nazi village area (consisting 12 wards):Rohingyaburn all about estimated 12,000 to 20,000at least 7 mosquesAll
Nazi, Set Yon Su, Foktoli, Shunduri,houses in this areaIncluding 2about 850011
Kondan, Waa-dan (Baish fara), Neya faraRohingya&KamanDestroy & burnancient mosques

Santoli , behind Sittwe LakeRohingyaburn some 180 houses1 Mosque25 + 2510,11
ShabokRohingyalittle damage
Myu-Kul, (opposite of Sittwe, Sandama side)Rohingyaburn some houses
Sittwe Central Market and Pozu BazzarRohingyabreaking 100s of shops
The second chart, is list of causalities in Kyauktaw, Rathedaung and Rambre.

NDPHR(exile) report on 30 June 2012:-- Causalities in Kyauktaw township (8-22 June) / 36 Rohingya villages, ( .......)Rakhine villages
Name of villageNativeDestructionsDeath ToolAttack day
Apoukwa (Aa-fok)RohingyaBurn 21+25 houses
SangadaungRohingyaBurn 94 houses
About 7516
Khaungdok Alay Kyuan (Barua Fara)RohingyaBurn 19 houses, 50 haystacks, 30 huts1 mosqueunknown16, 18
Fa Laung Rwa (Falom fara)RohingyaDestroyed some houses
Tan Taung Rwa (Tanon Fara)RohingyaBurn haystacks, crops
Paike-tay Yat (Zaila fara)RohingyaBurn bans, huts, haystacks, crops
Manaegya Fara (near market)RohingyaBurn 2 houses, seized about 80 houses1 mosqueunknown15

Causalities in Rathedaung township (8-22 June) / (22 Rohingya villages, 126 Rakhine villages)
Name of villageNativeDestructionsDeath ToolAttack day
Kondan (Kutti Chaung)RohingyaBurn 50 houses1 mosqueunknown13-night
Saw Farang FaraRohingyaBurn 200 houses2 mosquesAbout 20014-early
Anauk Pran (Anakpran)RohingyaBurn 51 houses
at least 819
Nyaung Pin Gyi Rwa (Muzadiya )RohingyaBurn about 200 houses1 mosqueat least 219
Kararo Kondan (Sara-parang)Rohingya120 houses1 mosqueAbout 3519
Tabretaw Rwa (Zufrang)Rohingyanone (resisted)

Causalities in Rambre township/Island (8-22 June) / Only one Rohingya villages
Name of villageNativeDestructionsDeath ToolAttack day
Tan RwaRahingya&KamanBurn 25 houses2 mosquesunknown10

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