Friday, April 5, 2013

Calls for support of Rohingya Muslims increase

Source worldbulletin, 2 April

Calls for support of Rohingya Muslims increase

As the attacks on the Rohingya Muslim minority in Myanmar continue, calls for the international community's support increase.
A Special Representative in the UN Secretary-General, has assessed the violence in Myanmar by stating "the support of the international community is necessary for the Rohingya Muslims." for humanitarian aid / support of the international community needed.''
In an interview with Turkish media, Vijay Nambiar— a Special Representative in the UN Secretary-General—reminded that the attacks against the Muslim minority in the Arakan state of Myanmar have been ongoing since last year.

Nambiar indicated that, according to the government's figures, around 100 people lost their lives in the events last June, but other sources claim that the death toll was much higher.
Emphasizing that the approximeatly 1.5 million Rohingya Muslims have been struggling with problems over the last 60 years, Nambiar stated:
"The Myanmar government must solve the problems of the Rohingya Muslims problems as part of the democratization process. If this problem is not resolved on the basis of equality, the whole reform process will be negatively affected. First the physical problems of these people should be solved, their security should be guaranteed, and they should be allowed to return to the places they were forced to leave. The government should then make arrangements so that these two communities can live in peace arrangements. But since tensions are still high in the region, displaced persons will have to remain in camps for a while.''
Stressing that the support of the international community was needed for humanitarian assistance, Nambiar explained that political pressure on the Myanmar government could also be effective.
Suggesting that regional countries and the international community also had a role in resolving the problem, Vijay Nambiar mentioned that countries in the region sometimes do not accept Muslims who fled Arakan.
Meanwhile, the RISE advocacy groups has also called on other refugee advocacy groups to be more active in denouncing Paris Aristotle, Director of the Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture Inc, who has built hiscareer as a self-proclaimed refugee advocate.
Aristotle has called on the Australian Parliament to reassess the ''template'' for asylum seekers and refugees outlined in the Houston report devised by a panel chaired by former defence chief, Air Chief Marshall Angus Houston, and to reconsider the Malaysia swap deal.
The Melbourne Anti-Deportation Campaign has responded to the Houston report by condemning "the absolute hollowness of the moral considerations that are presented as justifying an aggressive campaign of regional policy and border control."
The response report denounces the Houston report for "provid[ing] justification for the undertaking of misconceived deportations" and for how "In a bizarre feat of 'humanitarianism' the proposals made by the [Houston] Report make it not only admissible, but advisable to act in order to prevent family reunions for refugees."

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